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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can "Church Musicians" assist you?

  • Does your musician come to church at 11:30 when service began at 11:00?
  • Does your musician only play songs he or she wants to play?
  • Does your musician play a new chord he/she just learned, and is looking to see if anyone noticed the new chord?
  • Can your musician play in more than one key?
  • Is your musician tone death?
  • Does your psalmist think they are the only voice capable of leading a song?
  • Does your musician play so loud that you can only hear them over everyone else?
  • Does your musician go outside during the sermon?
  • Does your musician actually know what church music is?

Churches, we are not leaving you out

  • Musicians, are you told by the church, "God will bless you" when they don't want to give you a donation after you have played until you have almost collapsed?
  • Musicians, are you expected to know ALL the songs ALL the time?
  • Musicians, do you have to argue with choir members over who will lead a song?
  • Musicians, are church members looking for you to entertain them?
  • Musicians, do you have to play for 5 choirs because some folk don't want to sing with other folk?

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