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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

For the Musician or Psalmist

Church Musicians is a bridge between churches searching for qualified musicians or psalmists, and musicians or psalmists searching for available musical opportunities.

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For the Church or Group

Church Musicians manages a group page of qualified experienced musicians and psalmist. We are the bridge to the musician or psalmist that you may be in search of for your church service or event. Our page, "Gospel Musician Jobs for Church Musicians" has a link in the column to your right. The group has several musicians and psalmists that are available for short term and long term assignments. Our goal is to connect quality musicians and psalmists with churches Worldwide. For additional information on the type of musician or psalmist that you are requesting, contact Church Musicians.

Email: Church Musicians

Business Owners: Church Musicians launches business link postings on our Website.

  • Bishops/Pastors/Preachers writing a book

  • Churches looking to reach beyond their walls

  • Psalmists with "Music" release coming soon

  • Choir, Clergy, Praise Team...

  • Sunday Church Suits and Hats

  • Music Studio mixing

In addition to the catagories listed above, we can also post events such as Workshops, Concerts or any Special Service upon request. All Video postings must be approved by the Website Administrator. Fill out the Post Link Form and submit for forwarding to Church Musicians.

How can "Church Musicians" assist you?

  • Does your musician come to church at 11:30 when service began at 11:00?
  • Does your musician only play songs he or she wants to play?
  • Does your musician play a new chord he/she just learned, and is looking to see if anyone noticed the new chord?
  • Can your musician play in more than one key?
  • Is your musician tone death?
  • Does your psalmist think they are the only voice capable of leading a song?
  • Does your musician play so loud that you can only hear them over everyone else?
  • Does your musician go outside during the sermon?
  • Does your musician actually know what church music is?

Churches, we are not leaving you out

  • Musicians, are you told by the church, "God will bless you" when they don't want to give you a donation after you have played until you have almost collapsed?
  • Musicians, are you expected to know ALL the songs ALL the time?
  • Musicians, do you have to argue with choir members over who will lead a song?
  • Musicians, are church members looking for you to entertain them?
  • Musicians, do you have to play for 5 choirs because some folk don't want to sing with other folk?

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